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Addressing 5 Common Assisted Living Myths

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Myth #1: I have to sacrifice my independence.

Fact: Retirement community living actually promotes independence by having the support of caregivers available if needed. 

Myth #2: Assisted Living is too expensive.

Fact: While the price tag may seem high for assisted living, when you add up expenses for older adults, you’ll discover that the cost price is comparable and sometimes cheaper than maintaining your home as well as all your other expenses for the month (i.e. utilities, insurance, property tax, routine maintenance, repairs, lawn care, transportation and groceries).

Myth #3: Assisted living communities are depressing.

Fact: Assisted living communities are vibrant, attractive places to live. Many studies show that a seniors’ quality of life improves after moving to assisted living. A wide range of amenities and services make life easier and add excitement back into their lifestyle. 

Myth # 4: Family should care for their elders at home.

Fact: Caregiving can strengthen or weaken your relationship with your loved one, bring added stress, and may cause negative health effects. Choosing assisted living could lead to a happier more enjoyable life for both of you!

Myth #5: Assisted Living is just another way to say nursing home.

Fact: Nursing homes and assisted living centers are often thought of as the same, however, their care options are much different. Nursing homes focus primarily on medical care, while assisted living centers focus not only on medical care but on well-being and comfort too.

Assisted Living Benefits Go Beyond the Scope of Even the Most Attentive Family:

Community: Adults in senior living settings benefit from the presence of peers. Social relationships can be hard for older adults to maintain, especially if they live alone and are unable to travel independently. The close proximity of neighbors in senior living facilities strengthen these social bonds.

Chef-prepared meals: Senior living communities provide your loved one with a variety of nutritious meals, including diabetes-friendly options. Proper nutrition goes a long way toward improving these seniors’ quality of life. 

Round-the-clock assistance: Basic tasks like dressing and bathing can be very difficult for some aging adults. It usually befalls family caregivers to attend to these tasks, but for many, the level of help a senior relative requires far exceeds the help their family can give. It is the primary function of assisted living facilities to help seniors with these tasks while also enabling them to be as independent as possible.

Activities: Senior living facilities are outfitted with fitness equipment, indoor recreation areas, and outdoor spaces offering many activities for older adults. In addition, senior living facilities offer daily or weekly activities like bingo, exercise classes, book clubs and outings to local stores and museums.

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Plymouth Terrace provides an “aging by choice” philosophy. We work with your family to create the best possible living situation for your senior relative. Our housing, dining, and care services will make your loved one feel at home! Let our family take care of yours.

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