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5 Ways to Keep Your Senior Loved One Safe Online

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Is your loved one tech savvy?

Can they recognize a scam?

You probably already know that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But your elderly parent may not be as aware of shady dealings on the internet.

Our elders are easy targets for scams because they are newer to technology and more likely to fall for common scams and security threats that you’re probably more well aware of. It’s important that you help your elder loved ones avoid becoming a victim by:

1.     Create strong passwords that will help prevent being hacked. The best passwords include a combination of letters, numbers, and a special character.

2.     Protect your home network with a strong password, otherwise your private information is vulnerable.

3.     Use caution when it comes to links. Be leery of emails with subject lines promoting “free” stuff or entering to win sweepstakes.

4.     Secure websites that begin with HTTPS are safest because the user’s data is encrypted as it is being transmitted across the internet.

5.     Use precaution when it comes to social media! Social media is a great tool to stay in touch with friends and family, but make sure you review your privacy settings regularly.

Is Assisted Living the Right Choice?

Choosing the right senior home can feel like an overwhelming process, but Plymouth Terrace is here to help you! We’re a family-owned senior living facility that offers many levels of care. We pride ourselves on offering varied amenities that give our residents a home away from home. 

Allow Your Loved One to Live Comfortably - Plymouth Terrace Assisted Living 

When your aging parents move into an assisted living community, you won’t have to worry if someone is there to help get them back on their feet. If you’re interested in learning more about assisted living at Plymouth Terrace or scheduling a tour, contact us today! 734-451-0700

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