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Are You Covering All of Your Senior Caregiver Responsibilities?

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Does your elderly loved one need help with daily activities? 

Are you acting as a caregiver for your elderly family member?

You want the best for your aging family members and friends. Many of us would drop everything to help them, but it’s not realistic to be available at all times. Caregiving takes a heavy toll on a person’s physical and mental health. Even if you have an endless wealth of love for the person in your care, it can be a heavy burden to carry.

The Duties of a Senior Caregiver

According to, there are ten daily responsibilities that caregivers will face:

1.     Prepare a care plan

2.     Assess your care plan regularly

3.     Assess medical needs

4.     Monitor medications

5.     Assist with basic needs

6.     Help with housekeeping

7.     Prepare meals

8.     Assist with transfer and mobility 

9.     Provide transportation

10.  Provide companionship

Some individuals need more care than others. For many people, excelling at these duties and keeping up with their own life is an incredibly difficult balance. This is one of the reasons that Plymouth Terrace strives to create a happy, healthy environment for your aging loved ones.

Choose Assisted Living in Plymouth

If you’re constantly stressed from the duties of caregiving, not only will the quality of your life go down, but the quality of your elderly loved one’s life will go down. Your happiness is a key ingredient to the happiness of your loved ones, especially those in need of elderly care. By choosing assisted living in Plymouth, you’re still showing how much you love them—you care enough for them to have a safe, peaceful place to live, with ample help from professional caregivers. 

To inquire about moving your loved one into Plymouth Terrace, give us a call at (734) 451-0700 or contact us on our website!

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