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Elderly Care Plymouth: How to Make the Transition Easier for Everyone!

elderly Care Plymouth

Is your parent a little apprehensive about moving into a retirement community?

The transition from living at home with limited care to elderly care can be one of the most difficult decisions families and their loved ones have to make. When a family member can’t take care of themselves, it can put a heavy burden on those they love. Many people aren’t up to the task of the daily care their loved one may require.

Moving can be a pain, especially if you’re not used to change. At Plymouth Terrace, we want to ensure that you or your parent settle into your new home with ease.

A Place for Mom suggests “when it comes to moving elderly parents and broaching the ‘nursing home’ or ‘assisted living’ conversation, experts like Stella Henry, R.N., author of The Eldercare Handbook (HarperCollins, 2006) say ‘this is probably one of the hardest decisions a child will ever have to make.’ Henry, an eldercare specialist who has been featured in Time, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, says many seniors ‘unrealistically believe they can take care of themselves for the rest of their lives.’ And that's where their children or other family members can be instrumental in identifying the problem and instigating change. 

No matter what the age of your parent, Henry and other experts say now is the time to begin communicating about the future. If you open the lines of communication early on, she says, words like ‘nursing home’ lose their sting later on. That's important, considering that most of Henry's clients approach her with little communication groundwork laid.

‘Ninety-five percent of my clients come to me in crisis situations,’ says Henry. The result? Confused elders, disorganized yet well-meaning children, and a family in chaos.”

Quality Elderly Care in Plymouth, Michigan 

At Plymouth Terrace, we put ourselves into the resident’s and the family’s shoes. We want you to feel right at home! We treat our resident’s and their families the way we’d want to be treated if the roles were reversed.

We’ll help you make a smooth transition into the community of your choosing. We offer the following homes for elderly care in Plymouth, including:

  1. The Daisy - One-Bedroom
  2. The Mayflower - Two-Bedroom

For floorplan information and availability, please contact us today at (734) 761-4451.

Dealing with Guilt     

Often, children will feel guilty about moving their loved one into a retirement community, no matter what the circumstances. Whether you promised you’d never put your mother or father into a long-term care facility, you need to think about what is best for them in the long term. What kind of life will they live? Is a retirement community the best option for your parent?

A Place for Mom suggests "putting a parent in a nursing home is the most loving act that a child can do because it improves the quality of the parent's life from medical and social perspectives.” They may not realize it now, but sooner or later many parents will realize that you moved them into a retirement community because you were looking out for their best interest.

If your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or Dementia, it’s important to set your feelings aside when you’re visiting. That way they’re less likely to pick up on your emotions, and less likely to make your visits unpleasant. If you need help dealing with guilt, don’t hesitate to speak with a therapist to help get through this tough transition

Make Plymouth Terrace Your Home Away from Home! 

We can help your family create peace of mind. When you’re at home, you’ll know your loved one is taken care of and in good hands. Plymouth Terrace – “Where our family shares life with your family!”

Our "Aging by Choice" philosophy allows a flexibility of options for our residents and their families; you choose what is best for you, and we make it possible. We’re confident in our ability to provide the best quality of care, the security, and the family atmosphere that you’re seeking! We warmly invite you to see the difference we can make when your family shares life with our family. Schedule a tour of Plymouth Terrace today– elderly care in Plymouth.

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